Xavier VIDAUX   (back to my homepage in the Mathematics Department)

Full Professor
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
University of Concepción (Chile)

Mail address:
Universidad de Concepción
Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas
Departamento de Matemática
Casilla 160 C

Telephone : +56 41 2 20 31 76 (office)    +56 41 2 20 47 68 (secretary)
Email (@udec.cl) : xvidaux
or (@yahoo.fr): vidauxx

Research interests: Number Theory and its connections with Logic (essentially through Hilbert's Tenth Problem)

Supervision of Master thesis: Natalia Garcia F., Marianella Castillo F., Javier Utreras A. and Hector Pasten V..
Supervision of PhD thesis: Hector Pasten V., José Luis Riquelme, Leonidas Cerda (codirector), Marianela Castillo F.


PhD Thesis.pdf

Last modified : 3rd of October, 2018