Ecologia fluvial
Alejandro Palma  
Stream Ecology - Food web ecology
Water Quality - Energy flows

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I am mainly interested on the ecology of Mediterranean climate rivers. I have interest in Macro-ecology and the analisys of large-scale patterns and processes, the alteration and reduction in water quality and its influence in the flows of energy in stream food webs.

Interests area

  • The ecology of streams and rivers
  • Community ecology
  • Ecosystem ecology
  • Environment & Conservation

Research Interests

  • Latitudinal gradients of biodiversity
  • The effect of environmental heterogeneity on stream macroinvertebrate communities
  • The role of dispersal in community dynamics
  • Food web ecology
  • Water Quality
  • Riparian system as a subsidious
  • Funtional feeding groups and his dynamic in the ecosystem processes