We are glad to announce the first workshop on theoretical physics co-organized by Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción and Universidad de Concepción. The workshop will be held during March 7th and 8th at Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción and during March 9th and 10th at Universidad de Concepción.

The meeting aims to bring together local and international researchers working on theoretical aspects of gravitational physics and related subjects, as well as PhD students and postdoctoral researchers.

Registration deadline: March 3rd, 2022. No fee required. For questions regarding your participation on the meeting and registration please contact us at: julioolivazapata@gmail.com Only the outreach talk will be broadcasted on-line

List of speakers

Fabrizio Canfora (CECs, Valdivia, Chile) “Topologically non-trivial solutions in Yang-Mills-Higgs theory in (2+1)-dimensions at finite volume”
Mariano Chernicoff (UNAM, Ciudad de México, México) “Probing traversable wormholes in Gauss-Bonnet gravity”
Patrick Concha (UCSC,Concepción, Chile) “Non-relativistic expansions and Chern-Simons (super)gravity theories"
Cristóbal Corral (UNAP, Iquique, Chile) “Gravitational Instantons in Conformal Gravity”
Francisco Correa (UACH, Valdivia, Chile) "Integrable systems, gravity and field theories"
Danilo Díaz (UNAB, Concepción) "Holographic dual of GJMS-like 2-tensors: making the case for bulk massive gravitons"
Alex Giacomini (UACH, Valdivia, Chile) “Gravitating superconducting solitons in the (3+1)-dimensional Einstein gauged non-linear σ-model”
Gastón Giribet (UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina) “Colored black holes and Kac-Moody algebras”
Nicolás Grandi (UNLP, La Plata, Argentina) “The story of Gauss-Bonnet black hole”
Carla Henríquez (UCSC,Concepción, Chile) “On the stability of homogeneous black strings in AdS”
Nelson Merino (UNAP, Iquique, Chile) “About gauge structure of Mielke-Baekler action and possible extensions”
Olivera Miskovic (PUCV, Valparaíso, Chile) “BPS black holes and solitons in Chern-Simons supergravity”
Rodrigo Olea (UNAB, Santiago, Chile) “Conformal Renormalization in anti-de Sitter gravity”
Constanza Quijada (UdeC, Concepción, Chile) “Phase transitions for a charged planar soliton background”
Scarlett Rebolledo (UdeC, Concepción, Chile) "Response functions of hadronic tubes and layers in the SU(2) Skyrme theory at finite density in (3+1)-dimensions"
Evelyn Rodríguez (UCSC,Concepción, Chile) “Chern-Simons (Super)gravity theories with torsion”

Outreach talk (en español)

Dr. Mariano Chernicoff, UNAM, Ciudad de México: "Holografía: una herramienta útil de la teoría de cuerdas" Teatro UCSC (Edificio Central) Map here



7th-8th @Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción (UCSC), Edificio FACEA, Auditorio San Mateo Map here
9th-10th @Universidad de Concepción (UdeC), Sala 205 (segundo piso) Map here