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25/01/1977 : Born in Osorno, Chile

1983-1987 : Primary studies at Alianza Francesa, Osorno, Chile

1988-1994 : End of primary and high school at Colegio Concepción, Chillán, Chile

1995-2002 : Electronic Engineering degree, Universidad de Concepción, Chile

2003-present : PhD Electrical Engineering studies, Universidad de Concepción, Chile

Sept-Dec/2003 : Special student at the California Institute of Technology. Astronomy classes and a research unit taken.

July/2005 : Research activities related to the calibration of the CBI database, Astronomy department, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom



2002 : Installation and operation of the Satellite Laser Ranging telescope of the Transportable Integrated Geodetic Obervatory (TIGO), Concepción, Chile

2003-present : Senior Engineer at the Cosmic Background Imager (CBI), San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

2004-2005 : Site testing operations for the Cornell-Caltech Atacama Telescope (CCAT) at cerros Toco (5500 m.) and Honar (5300 m.), Atacama, Chile



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