International courses for graduates

Five international  courses for the academic year 2003-2004 were programmed. The first four courses were  dictated  at the Department of  Electrical  and Electronic Engineering, University of Concepcion, combining morning lectures complemented by ad hoc afternoon exercises and modules for computing lab. The fifth course was dictated at the Faculty of  Forestry, Laboratory for GIS.

The first course  on “Ocean Acoustics”, dictated by Professor William Kuperman, Director, Marine Physical Laboratory, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and his colleague Philippe Roux, took place between September 3-17. The course was attended by nine graduates and professionals from  Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Peru. Fellowships for  travel support of non local participants were granted by the Office of Naval Research, Latin America Field Office and for matriculation fees by a grant of the University of Concepcion.

The second course entitled “Remote sensing of Atmospheric Winds” was dictated  from November 3 to November 14  by Professor Robert A. Brown,  University of Washington. The course was attended by graduates and young professionals from the University of   Concepcion, and Catholic University of Valparaiso, Chile and one young oceanographer from the South National University, Bahia Blanca, Argentina.

The third course on “Synthetic Aperture Radar: Theory and Practice” was dictated between December 3-17  by Professor Werner Alpers, Institute of  Oceanography, University of   Hamburg. It was attended by  graduates of the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, the international  Project TIGO, and one young professional from Peru.

 The fourth course entitled " The Upper layer of the Ocean and its role on the heat budget and climate of the Earth" was dictated from January 7 to January 21 by Professor William Emery, University of Colorado,USA. It was attended by graduates from Brazil (2), Peru (2) and Chile (3).

The last course named "Remote sensing applied to Management,

Protection and Maintenace of Natural Resources" was dictated by Dr.

Harmut Kenneweg between 8-17 March, 2004. It was attended by  11 students from different Chilean universities, including one German post doc from the Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia. Three fellowships were granted to the participants from southern universities.

Fellowships  for partial travel support and matriculation fees for the courses were offered by a combination of grants from IOC, ONR and the University of  Concepcion. 



Lecturers Kuperman and Roux with participants.




Professor Brown awarding the diploma to Miss Lina Sitz from Argentina


     Professor Alpers and students in the diploma awarding ceremonia.


        Dr. William Emery and participants in his course

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