People (winter semester 2019)


René Iribarren


With over 10 years experience in the field of hydraulics, Don René is the technician at the Laboratory of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, supporting our teaching, research and consulting with the best developments of laboratory and field measuring techniques.

Esteban Flores

Civil Engineer, MSc

He is interested in the field of Socio-hydrology, focusing in the interactions between rivers and rural communities. Our current study area is the Carampangue river and the communities at Arauco, Carampangue and Ramadillas. 

José Ignacio Aliaga

Civil Engineer

He is interested in the field of fluvial sediment transport. Currently, Nacho focus on the effects of river temperature on sediment motion.

PhD Students

Alonso Pizarro

Civil Engineer, MSc

Alonso is PhD candidate at the University of la Basilicata, Potenza, under supervision of Prof. Salvatore Manfreda.   He works on bridge pier scour.

Pedro Arriagada

Civil Engineer, MSc

Pedro is interested in hydropower plants, with focus in sustainability of hydropower.  

Laura Pérez


Laura is interested in the optimization of energy production through hydropower plants.   

Anita Laborde

Civil Engineer, MSc

Anita is developing a fishway for Chilean freshwater fish species.

MSc Students

Geraldine Alvarez

Civil Engineer, MSc

Gigi focus on the effects of gravel and sand minning on Panamericana bridges.

Fabian Hellwig

Civil Engineer

Fabian is interested in innovative solutions for environmental friendly fluvial defenses. He focus on the effectiveness of riparian trees for river channelization in a ecohydraulics context.  

Diploma thesis in Civil Engineering

Carlos García

Advanced numerical simulations of riverflows under extreme hydrologic scenarios (draughts).

Katherine Hidalgo

Debris flow deviating structures: Laboratory experiments

Andrés Araneda

Physical modelling of reservoir sedimentation 

Jordan Flores

Numerical modelling of reservoir sedimentation

Edgar Fuentealba

Reservoir sedimentation: A study case in Central Chile

Constanza Veloso

Socio-hydrology of floods at Arauco, Carampangue, and Ramadillas

Camila Loyola

Socio-hydrology of floods at Arauco, Carampangue, and Ramadillas

Carolina Ruiz

Numerical modelling of floods

Joaquín Peña

Field scour measurement and modelling

José Vidal

Dynamics of native fishes swimming through videoing for fishway design

International Collaboration

Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal



Valentin Desplanches

U. Southampton