School on Supergravity, Black Holes and String Theory

We are pleased to announce a school theoretical physics to be held at UAI, Viña del Mar. From November 19th until November 30th. Due to logistic constraints we shall have a limited amount of space. Please request a registration at A limited number of lodging and travel fellowships are available for graduate and advanced undergraduate students. The fellowships for the second week will be renewed by the end of the first week on the basis of the results obtained in a test. Students who would like to register should submit the following information: a recommendation letter, interests letter (stating also the program and University they belong) and list of advanced courses taken.


  • Exceptional Geometries and Super Yang-Mills by Pietro Fré (Università di Torino & INFN, Turin, Italy)
  • New developments on Black Hole Thermodynamics by Robert Mann (University of Waterloo & Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada)
  • Introduction to Gauged SUGRA by Mario Trigiante (Politecnico di Torino & INFN, Turin, Italy)
  • Tools for SUGRA and Black Hole microstates by Bernard de Wit (Utrecht University, Utrecht & NIKHEF theory group, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Holography and AdS Black Holes by Andrés Anabalón, (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Viña del Mar, Chile)
  • Extra Talk: "Electromagnetic fields with vanishing quantum corrections" Tuesday 27th, 16:30, Room A204.
  • Abstract: Already in the 30s, Schroedinger observed that all null Maxwell fields solve the equations for the electromagnetic field in any non-linear electrodynamics. More generally, we study properties of universal p-forms, i.e., electromagnetic fields that solve simultaneously any generalized electrodynamics (for which the field equations contain arbitrary powers and derivatives of the field strenght). Some results including the coupling to Einstein's gravity are also discussed, and analogies with universal spacetimes (which solve simultaneously virtually any theory of gravity) mentioned.
  • Dr. Marcello Ortaggio. Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague