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PaunaStepper is a library for use with hobby stepper motors. It is mainly oriented to low-cost stepper such as model 28BYJ-48 5v with ULN2003. The main feature that differentiates this library from similar ones is that it uses interrupts to control the steppers and can control more than one stepper in a similar way to the Servo library. This allows, for example, to control the speed and direction of the steppers at the same time as the delay () functions and serial communication without the need to constantly call an update function or use the blocking mode.

PaunaStepper uses the arduino TIMER2, so it is not possible to use tone () at the same time. However, other non-blocking libraries can be used without interruption to generate tones.

Connect Arduino to 28BYJ-48 5v with ULN2003 driver

* PAUNA means child in Kunza (aka Atacame�o), one of the languages spoken by some of the native peoples of northern Chile (South America).

* Fritzing Library: https://github.com/e-radionicacom/e-radionica.com-Fritzing-Library-parts-

* Fritzing Tool: https://fritzing.org/home/

Source Code

Git Repository: https://github.com/kbernario/PaunaStepper

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