CarboCat News

22-26 october 2018 Prof. Alejandro Karelovic visits the In Situ and Operando Spectroscopy (iOS) Laboratory at the University of Kansas (USA) LINK outlink. The objective of the research stay was to learn new spectroscopic techniques for the in situ analysis of catalytic reactions.

9-14 september 2018 Several members of CarboCat lab participated in the XXVI Congreso Iberoamericano de Catálisis (CICat 2018) which was held in Coimbra (Portugal). Romel, Raydel and Paulina presented each one an oral contribution in the event. We also met colleagues and friends of the catalysis field from Iberoamerican countries.

27-31 August 2018 We received Professor Gonzalo Águila Avilés from the Universidad Andrés Bello LINK outlink.

2-6 April 2018 We received Professor Eric Gaigneaux from the Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences (IMCN/MOST) of the University of Louvain (Belgium). He presented his work on heteropolyacid compounds for methanol dehydration to dimethylether. He also held talks on the launching of future projects regarding furfural valorization through catalysis.

April 2018 All the undergraduate students performing their thesis in our lab were graduated with honors. Among them, Sebastián Godoy (who will pursue a PhD degree in our group) presented a work entitled "Theoretical approach to COx hydrogenation on Ni-Co catalysts" DFT calculations were used to simulate metallic and bimetallic surfaces and the adsorption of CO molecules onto them.

31 October-4 November 2017 We received Professor Damien Debecker from the Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences (IMCN/MOST) of the University of Louvain (Belgium). He presented some of the research of his lab, had discussions with our investigators and discussed new collaborations with CarboCat lab.

1-3 November 2017 Romel Jiménez, Oscar Gómez and Paulina Melo assist to the XX Congreso Argentino de Catálisis link outlink which was held in the city of Cordoba. They presented an oral (RJ) and a poster (PM) communication.

October 2017 MSc student Paulina Melo obtained funding link outlink for performing a 6 months research stay at the University of Louvain (Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences). She will learn new methods of preparing catalytic materials for CO2 valorization.

27-31 August 2017 Carbocat Lab participates in the European Congress on Catalysis (EUROPACAT 2017) which was held in Florence, Italy. Romel Jimenez, Ximena García, José Castillo and Paulina Melo presented the following works:

In-situ FTIR study for CO methanation reaction on Co/SiO2 catalyst (short oral)

Low cost Fe-based catalysts from industrial wastes for CO methanation.
Comparison with FeCuZn/SiO2 catalyst (poster)

10-14 July 2017 Carlos Navas, PhD student from the group of professor Francisco Gracia at the University of Chile, performs a stay in our lab. He worked on TGA analyses for the characterization of Pt-Fe(Co)-TiO2 catalysts for CO preferential oxidation reaction.

July 4, 2017 New paper out! We have published a work on Ga promotion on Cu for methanol synthesis from CO2 link outlink The work is mainly based on the thesis that Juan Medina performed in our lab. The work was also fruit of collaborations with professors Víctor Baldovino-Medrano from Universidad Industrial de Santander (Colombia) Link outlink and Juan J. Bravo Suárez from the University of Kansas (USA) Link outlink.

June 4-9 2017 Romel Jiménez participates in the North American Catalysis Society meeting (NAM 25,link outlink). He was accompanied by Professor Luis Arteaga from the Universidad del Bío-Bío.
They presented two posters:

-Carbon Aerogel-Supported Ni and Fe for Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass.
-The role of support in the hydrogenation of furfural to furfuryl alcohol over Cu-based catalysts.

May 22th to June 8th Eduardo Poggio Fraccari researcher from the Universidad de Buenos Aires performed a stay in our lab. He worked in operando DRIFTS studying Cu-Ce-Pr systems for water-gas shift reaction.

April 4th to 7th 2017 Professor Alejandro Karelovic visits Eric Gaigneaux and Damien Debecker labs at Université catholique de Louvain link outlink. He presented some of the work done by Carbocat Lab and had discussions with members of the lab.

January 16th to 19th 2017 Professor Sebastian Collins link outlink from the INTEC (Santa Fe, Argentina) visited our lab. He gave two talks on novel applications of FTIR technique for the determination of mechanisms of both gas-solid and liquid-solid heterogeneous catalytic reactions.

November 23rd to 25th 2016 Our group participates at the IX Chilean conference on Catalysis link outlink. We contributed with 4 oral presentations: Romel Jiménez, Alejandro Karelovic, Oscar Gomez and Anibal Encina.

September 2016 Alejandro Karelovic, Romel Jiménez and Paulina Melo took part of the XXV Iberoamerican Congress on Catalysis (Montevideo, Uruguay). Each one presented a work in oral presentation format.

July 2016 Romel Jiménez and Alejandro Karelovic attend the 16th international conference on catalysis at Beijing (China). They present two posters.

May-June 2016 Romel Jimenez visits Juan José Bravo Research Group link outlink at the University of Kansas (USA). He will perform TEM and STEM of samples prepared in our lab

August 2015 Professor Hirotomo Nishihara outlink from Tohoku University (Japan) visits our lab

July 2015 Paper out! We published in Catalysis Science and Technology (IF = 5.426) a work on CO methanation. details here outlink

June 2015 Professor Romel Jiménez gives a lecture at the 24th North American Catalysis Society Meeting in Pittsburgh (USA). The title of the lecture is: "CO Methanation on Rh/Al2O3: Dynamic in-Situ FTIR Experiments and Steady-State Measurements"

9 de junio 2015 Asado Carbocat. Lugar: Casa del profesor Gordon. 18h00

September 2014: Various CarboCat members attend the Iberoamerican congress on Catalysis in Medellin (Colombia)

September 2013: Alejandro Karelovic, Alumnus de C&CG se reintegra al grupo como nueva contratación del DIQ a través del CONCURSO DE INSERCIÓN DE CAPITAL HUMANO AVANZADO EN LA ACADEMIA 2013 (PAI-CONICYT), al término de sus estudios de doctorado en la Universidad Católica de Lovaina, Bélgica.

July 2013: Camila Mora (B.S. student) recibe el Premio al Mejor Poster Estudiantil recibido de la Asociación Nacional de Materiales Carbonosos al término de la Conferencia Internacional, Carbon 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

March 2013: Prof. Enrique Iglesia (UC Berkeley) visits CarboCat giving lectures and a minicourse.

July 2012: Prof. Ljubisa Radovic was a plenary lecturer at "OzCarbon 2012", Adelaide, Australia.

June 2012: Prof. Ljubisa Radovic is an invited speaker at the international symposium PreCarb-2012, "Surface Chemistry and Performance of Carbon Materials", Budapest, Hungary.

March 2012: Prof. Patricio Ruiz from the "Catholic University of Louvain", Belgique, visited the C&C group in the framework of an ongoing Fondecyt grant of Prof. Romel Jiménez. Furthermore, he gave two lectures: a) Reactividad de CO2 sobre catalizadores de Rh para generar metano a condiciones moderadas (baja temperatura y presión). Aspectos del mecanismo. b) Recuperación de un catalizador desactivado de la industria DuPont mediante el depósito superficial de una fase amorfa de óxido de fósforo-vanadio

February 2012: Prof. Romel Jiménez had meetings with collaborators and presented a lecture at the “Instituto de Carboquímica (CSIC)”, Zaragoza, Spain.

February 2012: Prof. Romel Jiménez visited the "Departamento de Ingeniería Química", Universidad de La Laguna at Tenerife, Islas Canarias, Spain, where he gave a lecture and explored possible research areas for future collaboration.