Thermogravimetric analyzer coupled with a Mass Spectrometer
Netzsch STA 409 Luxx
Netzsch Aëolos

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If you want to use the equipment please contact professor Romel Jiménez (

Thermogravimetric analyzer
Cahn VersaTherm

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If you want to use the equipment contact Professor Alejandro Karelovic (

Adsorption analyzer
Micromeritics Gemini VII 2390t
For the determination of adsorption and desorption isotherms. It enables the assessment of specific surface area and pore size distribution of solid materials.

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Reactor setup 1
Fixed bed reactor with a Perkin Elmer GC equipped with TCD and FID detectors for quantification of reactor effluent. The equipment is mainly used for CO hydrogenation reactions

Pretreatment unit
Fixed bed reactor used for the pretreatment of materials by oxidation/reduction.

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Reactor setup 2
Fixed bed reactor capable of operation at medium pressure (up to 10 bar). It is used for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol. Effluent quantification is performed with a Perkin Elmer GC (Autosystem XL) equipped with TCD and FID detectors.

Operando DRIFTS
FTIR (Thermo Nicolet 6700) with DTGS and MCT detectors equipped with a Smart Collector accesory with Dual environmental chamber for DRIFTS analyses under reaction conditions.
The effluent gases are quantified with a OMNIstar mass spectrometer.

In-Situ FTIR

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Quantachrome ChemBET
Chemisorption and TPR/TPD analyzer

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A homemade chemisorption apparatus. It is used for measuring adsorption isotherms.

Fume hood
For the safe preparation of catalysts.

We have two ovens for thermal treatment of our materials: one enables the calcination in static air at temperatures up to 1100°C and the other is a tubular furnace which permits the control of the type of gas and flow as well as the temperature (up to 1400°C).

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